Coffee for the community Series 1 Episode 1


Making great coffee on cheap, second hand espresso machines

A few weeks ago, on a saturday afternoon, we hit Gumtree hard in search of used espresso machines. The cheaper the better! Our goal is to show that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make great coffee at home. And as you will see throughout this series, old espresso machines can be used to make great coffee. All you need is fresh roasted coffee and a bit of know-how.

Our first stash!


Coffee for the community Series 1 E1

In the first series of Coffee for the Community we take the machines for a test run to see if we can make great coffee on cheap, used machines we bought on Gumtree. In later episodes we also try the machines with pre-ground coffee, show you how to steam milk, make killer cappuccinos and go deep into how much coffee to put into the portafilter basket. It’s been fun to create this little series, we hope you enjoy it and pick up a few tips on how to make great coffee at home.

Watch episode 1

Oh, and after we’re done with these machines we will run a little comp to give them away. Have fun watching the first episode!


  1. Dom great video but the camera cut off the second machine you tested I would have loved to see the action on the milk 😉


    1. Dom great info and well explained. The second machine is the one I have and I was talking to you the other day about.

  2. Hi Dom. Thanks for the vid. My first machine was the first, cheaper Sunbeam. It was a great machine and I was really happy with the coffee it made when I swapped out the duel wall basket to a single wall.

    1. Thanks Scott, the communication is inspiring to contiune to make these videos, to be honest id do them anyways, now i have a purpose in seeing people get help and joy.

    1. Hey Susy
      It actually does not matter how much coffee you dose into your basket. All you have to do is make sure your basket is at least 80% full of tamped coffee.
      The reason i say this is that there are hundreds of machines and different makes out there and we ca not be certain what you are using or what someone else has.
      What you need to do is double your dose to achieve the beverage weight, to make an excellent espresso.
      The key distinction here is that you will need to use a scale to weigh the coffee in and out, then the final measurement is time, from my experience a domestic setup will brew a fantastic coffee if dosed at drawn at a 1 in 2 out ratio between 25 and 35 seconds.
      Hope that helps, dom.

  3. Good video, thanks. I had a sunbeam (the second one you used) for awhile. After the second attempt to get it repaired I gave up on it but may go back to something like it.

    1. Hey Michael
      We’d be interested in giving your machine a test run and see of we can repair it for you … and make a video of us doing it!
      If you are keen let us know

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