End Of The Line

Brew Recipes


  • Dose 21g ground coffee in
  • 55g extracted coffee out
  • extracted in 30 seconds


  • Dose 24g ground coffee in
  • 50g extracted coffee out
  • extracted in 35 seconds


  • Dose 18g ground coffee
  • 300g water – 3 x 100g pours / 90 second bloom
  • 3 mins 30 to 4 mins brew time

Featured Coffees

Featured in the blend are coffees sourced from our the best growing regions around the world.
  • Ethiopia, Bolivia and Colombia
  • Washed and Passionfruit fermentation
  • 1500m – 2300m

Buy It Online For Home

  • Buy End of the Line coffee beans online for home
  • Or you can buy it in cafes selling White Horse Coffee