Easter Blend

Costa Rica Volcan Azul Marsalessa Red Honey

Alejo, has presented us with a rare and upcoming varietal, developed by Cirad, this variety of coffee is coffee berry disease resistant and also resistant to coffee leaf rust. These two major issues in coffee growing threaten the future of the most valued crop on earth, in my opinion. Only through the dedicated research of Cirad and other organisations such as WCR, are we now able to present a variety of coffee that fruits in its first year of growth, a godsend to growers, but it displays an excellent cup quality, a godsend to drinkers!

Brazil California Pea Berry 

Luis Saldanha is one of the most progressive coffee farmers in the world, he has won numerous coffee competitions with his forward thinking and innovative processing techniques that have allowed him to elevate his farms status. His farm, located in Parana Brazil is historically known for producing coffee of low quality, only through perseverance and a dedication to fermentation process has he been able to get cult status with his coffee and elevate the area of Parana and also influencing surrounding farmers to do the same to obtain higher prices for their coffee. We are proud to be able to have 33% of this year’s Easter Blend with one of Luis’ great double fermented Brazilian coffees.

Brazil Santos

One of the most historically renowned coffee growing regions in Brazil, this coffee brings everything to the table we want for Easter Blend, big chocolates and simple nutty characters. One of the most special things about Brazil is its sensational cup quality and we are proud to share this with you as part of our Easter blend 2023.

Suggested Recipe: 22g > 50g > 30 seconds

Brew It At Home

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