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Soul of the South Blend Soul of the South Blend
Soul of the South Blend
Salt Bush, Cedar & Caramel This seasonal blend is our tribute to the Royal National Park, a place which continues to inspire us with its natural beauty and soulful presence. The coffees selected offer a hint of the National Park’s provocative aromas and flavours....
From $15.00
From $15.00
End of the Line - Cronulla Beach Blend End of the Line - Cronulla Beach Blend
End of the Line - Cronulla Beach Blend
Notes of Milk Chocolate, Strawberry & Lychee. With flavours of milk chocolate, strawberry and lychee, End of the Line will take you on a flavour-filled journey from the veryfirst sip… We wanted this blend to be sweet and light, with fruity notes that remind...
From $20.00
From $20.00
White Knight Espresso Blend - Coffee Beans Online Australia
White Knight Espresso Blend
Our flagship award winning espresso blend and has been a staple since we opened in 2008. We’re proud of our blend and we dedicate a lot of time each week to ensure White Knight’s quality and consistency. The components of the blend evolve seasonally...
From $15.00
From $15.00
Hokey Pokey Espresso Blend Hokey Pokey Espresso Blend
Hokey Pokey Espresso Blend
Silky vanilla and rich honeycomb Hokey Pokey is our latest espresso blend made for cafes and home baristas. The deep flavours of the blend are wonderfully highlighted with your milk of choice. And when enjoyed as an espresso or long black it’s exquisite and...
From $15.00
From $15.00
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Why we roast our coffees differently

by Luka 05 May 2016
Our mission at White Horse is to keep coffee special. This is why we continually experiment and seek to improve how we source, roast and brew our coffee. If you’ve been following our articles and experimenting at home brewing your coffee in different ways, you will know that each method is pretty unique with it’s own special characteristics and nuances. These noticeable differences is why mixing it up a little and brewing coffee in different ways is so much fun. This is also why we roast our coffee differently for different brewing methods. Roasting coffee specifically for each brew method helps highlight the unique aspects of the coffee using that specific brewing technique. For example.

Roasting for Filter


We roast our filter coffee differently to how we roast for espresso. For filter brewing methods, we roast the coffee lighter than we do for most of our other roasts. We have found that this helps bring out more of the high notes and fruity aspects of the coffee. This is especially important when we consider that with a filter brewing process the coffee is contact with water for a much longer period of time. When coffee is in contact with water for a longer period it tends to draw out stronger roasty flavors. We want to avoid the strong roasted flavor as this can mask the special and intricate flavours of the coffee. Our aim here is to maximise the unique flavor and sweetness of the coffee so we can taste and enjoy its full potential.

Roasting for Origin Espresso


In the case of roasting our origin coffees to showcase through our espresso machines, which are usually small lots from single farms, we roast the coffee a touch darker than we do for filter. There are a few reasons why we do this. When coffee is extracted through an espresso machine it is in contact with the water for about 30 seconds, which is shorter than with a filter process. We need to ensure its solubility so we achieve full extraction of flavour in a short 30 second period. Secondly, because the espresso machine accentuates and intensifies flavor, our filter roasts can taste sharp and acidic when brewed as an espresso. This is why we need to push the coffee a touch darker into the roast for espresso to make it more balanced and enjoyable.

Roasting our Blend


And finally this is how we roast our our house blend, White Knight. For our blend we roast it a touch darker than we do with our origin coffees. This is because our blend is primarily used for cappuccinos, flat whites and lattes. When espresso is mixed with milk we need to make sure that we optimise the depth of flavour, enhance the caramel notes and ensure the coffee enjoys deep body. So pushing our blend further into the roast helps us achieve a deep, fully round and pleasing flavour in the cup. So there’s some background on why we roast each of our coffee’s a little differently. All in the name of keeping it special and pursuing the best cup possible, making sure that we balance roast and clarity. Keep it special. Brian Cole (Head roaster)

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