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Soul of the South Blend
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From $15.00
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From $15.00
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From $15.00
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How to make a great cup of Turkish coffee

by Dom Majdandzic 19 Feb 2016
We all have our favourite way to drink coffee. It may be a flat white, espresso, or cappuccino, but if that's all you ever have you're missing out on a world of coffee experiences. So maybe, once-in-a-while, branch out and make (or order) something a little different. If you're a latte drinker, then try a long black or espresso now and again, or vice versa! And if you really want to experience something different, and a little exotic, make yourself a Turkish brew.

What you'll need

  • Fresh coffee beans
  • Turkish ibrik coffee pot
  • Hand grinder (or machine)
  • Sugar
  • Two espresso cups

How to brew it

  1. Grind the coffee as fine as possible. To achieve this, adjust your hand mill grinder to make the blades touch, then screw back one click.
  2. Add the coffee to your Ibrik brewer.
  3. The Measurement guide is 1 teaspoon of ground coffee per cup.
  4. Add sugar, one teaspoon is generally enough for the whole pot.
  5. Add cold water to the Ibrik.
  6. Ratio equals one demitasse cup of water (70ml) to one teaspoon of ground coffee.
  7. Place the Ibrik on the stove, and stir.
  8. Medium heat is recommended (this will not burn the coffee). Ensure that you monitor the coffee through the entire heating process.
  9. As the Ibrik heats you will notice a film appear on the top of the coffee. When the level of coffee rises to the top, remove from the stove.
  10. Allow the coffee to cool for about 30 seconds.Then place your Ibrik back on the stove until it begins to rise again.
  11. When the level of coffee rises to the top again, remove from the stove.
  12. Before pouring, wait about 30 seconds to allow sediment to settle.
  13. Share the coffee evenly between the cups and enjoy.


Hope this helps keep coffee exciting and special. Dom

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