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Soul of the South Blend Soul of the South Blend
Soul of the South Blend
Salt Bush, Cedar & Caramel This seasonal blend is our tribute to the Royal National Park, a place which continues to inspire us with its natural beauty and soulful presence. The coffees selected offer a hint of the National Park’s provocative aromas and flavours....
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From $15.00
White Knight Espresso Blend - Coffee Beans Online Australia
White Knight Espresso Blend
Our flagship award winning espresso blend and has been a staple since we opened in 2008. We’re proud of our blend and we dedicate a lot of time each week to ensure White Knight’s quality and consistency. The components of the blend evolve seasonally...
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From $15.00
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Hokey Pokey Espresso Blend
Silky vanilla and rich honeycomb Hokey Pokey is our latest espresso blend made for cafes and home baristas. The deep flavours of the blend are wonderfully highlighted with your milk of choice. And when enjoyed as an espresso or long black it’s exquisite and...
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From $15.00
Soul of the South Blend Coffee Pods Soul of the South Blend Coffee Pods
Soul of the South Blend Coffee Pods
Signature Blend Coffee Pods Specialty-grade coffee sourced directly from Guatemala, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. 100% recyclable aluminium pods. Compatible only with Nespresso and Delonghi machines Available in packs of 10 pods or a bulk box of 6 x 10 packs (60 pods)
From $8.90
From $8.90

Brewing Coffee with a Chemex

by Luka 23 Apr 2020
I've loved the Chemex for years! From its fine award winning design to its iconic appearance in the James Bond’s movie, 'From Russia With Love'. But I really love it because it just makes really nice coffee. Welcome to the next level of coffee drinking! Today I'm going to show you a great two cup recipe. Why would you drink alone? I've also learnt a few tricks over the years and I'm very happy to share them with you. First, read the post below, then you can watch me brew it at home in the video below.

The filter paper

The biggest area of improvement from my perspective when brewing the chemex has been water breaching the filter, or the filter sinking into the pourer when brewing. I've tried doing an angle fold on the outside of the carafe, but recently I came up with the simple idea of just folding it on itself again. You can watch me do it in the video below. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this years ago! Nonetheless, I'm getting great cups, with no 'sinky sinky' filter. So I’d do it too if I were you!

The recipe


36g of fresh filter roast coffee You may not know this, but we roast for filter coffee brewing as well as for espresso. If you have never tried filtered roast coffee before, or even had a cup of filter then you really need to get on this! As a general guide on the Porlex hand mill grinder, the grind should be 7-8 clicks from fully closed. This is a true french press coarse grind size.


Volume: 600g total water in brew Temperature: It's true I'm really experimenting going hot, and I feel that the Chemex will be completely fine with water anywhere in the realm of 94-99 degrees celcius. Due to its large open topped design heat loss on the Chemex is wild, brew hot it wont hurt!


Pre wet with 100g water, stir and completely saturate any dry spots of coffee, wait 45 seconds for bloom. Common brew times are around 5 minutes.
  • At 45 seconds add next 100g, give a light stir.
  • At 1:15 add next 100g, give a little stir.
  • At 1:45 add next 100g, give a little stir.
  • At 2:00 add next 100g, give a little stir.
  • At 2:15 add final 100g give a little stir.
Then gently tap the Chemex on the tables and allow it to permeate through. You can see me do this on the video.

The pouring technique

I've also been loving the stage pouring technique shown to me by my friend Christos. Instead of loading the brewer with water in one go, in this method you moderate the flow of water through the bed of coffee. Only good things come as a result of being gentle with the flow of water through the coffee. Expect an exquisite cup with the full myriad of coffee flavor, exceptional mouthfeel and sweetness. Dom

Watch me brew it at home

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