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Soul of the South Blend Soul of the South Blend
Soul of the South Blend
Salt Bush, Cedar & Caramel This seasonal blend is our tribute to the Royal National Park, a place which continues to inspire us with its natural beauty and soulful presence. The coffees selected offer a hint of the National Park’s provocative aromas and flavours....
From $15.00
From $15.00
End of the Line - Cronulla Beach Blend End of the Line - Cronulla Beach Blend
End of the Line - Cronulla Beach Blend
Notes of Milk Chocolate, Strawberry & Lychee. With flavours of milk chocolate, strawberry and lychee, End of the Line will take you on a flavour-filled journey from the veryfirst sip… We wanted this blend to be sweet and light, with fruity notes that remind...
From $20.00
From $20.00
White Knight Espresso Blend - Coffee Beans Online Australia
White Knight Espresso Blend
Our flagship award winning espresso blend and has been a staple since we opened in 2008. We’re proud of our blend and we dedicate a lot of time each week to ensure White Knight’s quality and consistency. The components of the blend evolve seasonally...
From $15.00
From $15.00
Hokey Pokey Espresso Blend Hokey Pokey Espresso Blend
Hokey Pokey Espresso Blend
Silky vanilla and rich honeycomb Hokey Pokey is our latest espresso blend made for cafes and home baristas. The deep flavours of the blend are wonderfully highlighted with your milk of choice. And when enjoyed as an espresso or long black it’s exquisite and...
From $15.00
From $15.00
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8 golden rules for keeping coffee special at home

by Dom Majdandzic 14 Jan 2018
Making a good cup of coffee at home is not as complicated as people make it out to be. In fact, you only need to remember a few fundamental rules to make good coffee at home. The more rules you follow the better your brew will be. Adhere to them all, and your coffee at home will be exceptional. Here are a few golden rules I like to encourage people to follow to ensure they keep it special at home.

Rule #1 Get your coffee fresh from a professional roaster

The grocery store is one of the worst places to buy coffee. No really, it is. You have no idea how long ago it was roasted. Coffee starts to expire immediately after it's been roasted, so you want to be buying the freshest coffee you can get your hands on. You should only buy coffee that was roasted recently and that only comes from a professional roaster.

Rule #2 Buy your coffee every few weeks

Not only does coffee begin to expire as soon as it's been roasted, but it will go stale in a matter of weeks. Since your local roaster probably roasted your coffee a few days to a week before you buy it, don't get more than you need for one or two weeks. If you make two coffees per day each day of the week, a bag of 225 - 250g will last you about one week. So buy one a week or two bags a fortnight. Don't stockpile your coffee. If you want a really simple way to get fresh coffee, we can conveniently deliver it to your door each fortnight with our home subscriptions here. The 450g per fortnight option is really good value which includes free shipping.

Rule #3 Buy your coffee as whole beans

Not only does coffee expire as soon as it's roasted, but ground coffee expires at a faster rate than whole bean coffee. When coffee is ground it is broken down and goes stale very fast. So if you want the best cup of coffee possible, only grind as much coffee as you need for the coffee you are about to make.

Rule #4 Use a burr grinder

The quality of the grind is super important to the quality of your brew. It really pays to use a good grinder. You can read a few reviews and buy a good electric grinder, or you can spend a bit less and buy a hand mill grinder such as the Porlex Grinders. We highly recommend the Porlex Grinder and have them for sale here.

Rule #5 Keep your coffee beans in an airtight container at room temp

As is the case with anything perishable, air, light and moisture is the enemy of coffee. So keep your coffee away from these element. The best place is in an airtight container in the cupboard, away from the oven. Also try to keep coffee at room temperature. Do not keep your coffee in the fridge or freezer. Coffee has the uncanny ability to absorb nearby scents and your fridge and freezer are full of those. If you do store your coffee in the fridge it will affect the flavor of your coffee. Coffee is hygroscopic by nature and will always absorb moisture, aromas and flavors from its immediate environment.

Rule #6 Invest in good brewing equipment

Your gear is really important and will affect the outcome of your brew. So try and buy good quality gear. For example, our Aeropress Brewers are only $50.00 and they make a seriously great brew. You may also want to check out other brewing equipment here.

Rule #7 Keep everything clean

Use soap & water to clean everything that comes into contact with the coffee, and then rinse well. Coffee is oily and its residue will stay on everything. That residue is perishable just like coffee, and if left will go stale and affect the flavor of your coffee.

Rule #8 Boiling water ruins coffee

Boiled coffee is spoilt coffee. Never let boiling water come into contact with coffee. When you're preparing your coffee, give the boiling water a moment to cool down before pouring or dripping it onto the coffee. And that my friends is it. I hope these 8 rules help you brew delicious coffee at home. If you want to read more check out the other articles on our blog.

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