How to brew french press coffee at home

Three great qualities about french press is the richness of body, the depth of flavour it achieves and stable extraction in every brew.  There’s really nothing you can do to stuff it up. Even using boiling water in the brewer is not a sin and would not screw up the brew. French Press or as some call it ‘Plunger’, is just so damn simple and enjoyable. 

Watch the video

You can watch me brew at home in the video below.

How to do it

The only pro-tip I have is to use a scale. That’s it.

  • Weigh the ground coffee in and the hot water
  • In the video I used 48g of coffee to 800g of water
  • Then brew anywhere from 3-5 minutes
  • Remove the excess grinds and plunge

When I brew my french press at home I like to give it a vigorous stir when I’ve poured roughly half of the water into the french press. Then when I have poured the entire portion of water, I give it another stir to ensure all of the grinds are wet and being extracted correctly.

Placing the lid on after all the water has been added will hold the heat inside the brewer, which will give us a stable extraction. When three minutes is up I remove the lid and use two spoons to spoon off some of the grinds and foamy chaffy crema. I find this increases the sweetness of the coffee and removes any grittiness. At this point return the lid on and plunge.

French press is so great it’s the stay home coffee of choice in my household.


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