Christmas Blend: How it all Started

David Bakunowicz 0 Comments

If you ask the Head of Coffee (Dominick Majdandzic aka 'Domtron') for the exact genesis of the Christmas Blend, you may very well get two different stories depending on the time of day. This said, the lofty goal has always been creating a memorable, quality experience, celebrating the most special time of year. In...

The romance of brewing coffee at home

Dom Majdandzic 0 Comments

Being a coffee professional I’ve been spoilt with incredible coffee experiences. I’ve savoured some of the finest coffees from all over the world, enjoyed espressos with world champion baristas, cupped with award winning producers, and sipped cappuccinos in cafes where the specialty coffee movement begun. But my best, most enjoyable coffee experiences are at...

Visiting the Hato Viejo farm in Colombia

Luka 0 Comments

Hato Viejo is a tiny farm in Colombia high up in the Pasto region. The farm is owned by Marta Luz Camelo Guevara. Oliver, our green coffee buyer from Condesa Co.Lab visited this farm recently and was shown around the place by Marta’s husband Alvaro. We are just about to showcase a beautiful 100%...