Bonavita 1L Variable Temp Kettle


Bonavita 1L Variable Temp Kettle


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Brew coffee and tea with consistency and precision with the Bonavita Variable Gooseneck Kettle 1L. The level of control over pouring and water temperature that this kettle offers is essentially for rich, balanced coffee and tea.

  • Pour with consistent precision, thanks to the empowering pouring spout.
  • Heats water up faster than most stove types.
  • Set a specific temperature target in 1° increments.
  • Keeps the water at the set temperature for an hour.
  • Brew any type tea at the perfect temperature with ease.
  • 360° Swivel Base makes moving the kettle to and from the base simple and quick.
  • Durably built and rust-resistant.
  • Holds enough water for use with any coffee or tea brewer.
  • The base turns off automatically after one hour for safety.

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