Rwanda Andre Hakizimana

Rwanda Andre Hakizimana



Notes of Pineapple, Candy and Red Grape.

Single farm micro-lots like Andre Hakizimana are extremely rare in Rwanda. It is difficult to trace a coffee back to a single producer in Rwanda, so we feel extremely fortunate to share this special lot with you. Andre Hakizimanandre is 57 and has farmed coffee for over 40 years. He is always looking to improve and has gradually acquired more land and planted more trees. Today he owns over 3,000 coffee trees and produces around 16 tonnes of coffee cherries per season. The farm is 100% organic and Andre uses manure to fertilise the trees. He has also planted pumpkins and banana trees to prevent erosion and keep the soil rich in minerals. His wife Anathal also works closely with him and they take great pride in their work and coffee.

  • Gakenke District
  • Red Bourbon Variety
  • Washed Process
  • 2150m Elevation

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