Ethiopia Tade GG (Washed Process)

Ethiopia Tade GG (Washed Process)



Notes of Vanilla, Lime and Jasmine

Tade GG is a beautiful farm in the Guji region of Ethiopia with a dramatic landscape of rugged hills, valleys and plateaus. The farm is owned by Tesfaye Bekele who loves to innovate with various processes to ensure his coffee is the best he can produce. To that end he regularly visits coffee farms in Central and South America to study different coffee farming methods. The coffee cherry in this lot is pulped with an Agared machine, which is a pulper with no mucilage remover. The coffee is then fermented in tanks, washed in clean water to remove all the mucilage and dried on raised beds where it is turned regularly to ensure even drying. The farm rests between 1860-1950m with nutrient-dense volcanic soil that allows the coffee cherry to mature slowly and develop a variety of amazing flavours imparted by nature.

  • Guji Region
  • JARC and Local Landacre Varieties
  • Fully Washed Process
  • 1860-1950m Elevation

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