Ethiopia Girma Bekele

Ethiopia Girma Bekele



Notes of Strawberry, Vanilla and Yoghurt

Girma Bekele is a young, smallholder coffee farmer in the Biloya village in Kochere. He grew up in a coffee farming family and would help his father harvest coffee before and after school. Girma developed a passion for farming high-quality coffee and since 2007 has run his own 5.16-hectare specialty coffee farm. Since the new government laws allow small lot farmers to direct-trade internationally, Girma is motivated to experiment and deliver different coffee types to the global market. This lot is a blend of Kurume, Walichu and Dega varieties, which were chosen for their superior quality and high-yielding flavour. Girma is the only local farmer who pre-floats the coffee cherry to make sure damaged coffee is removed and only the best, sweetest cherries are kept for processing.

  • Kochere Region
  • Walichu, Dega, Kurume, 74112 Varieties
  • Natural Process
  • 1725-1980m Elevation

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