Costa Rica Los Lajas Black Diamond

Costa Rica Los Lajas Black Diamond



Notes of Cheery, Bubblegum and Lychee

Third-generation coffee producers Oscar and Francisca are the proud owner-operators of Las Lajas. Their farm is well known for its exotic honey and natural processed coffees. This lot is a Black Diamond or ‘extended diamond honey’ process. It’s an extended drying process where the coffee cherry is transferred directly to raised beds with all of the mucilage attached to the coffee bean. The cherries are initially dried for 6 hours under the full sun then transferred to covered patios. The coffee is heaped in mounds or collected in sacks to extend the drying process

  • Central Valley Region
  • Caturra and Catuai Varieties
  • Extended Diamond Honey Process
  • 1300-1600m Elevation

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