Colombia Santuario Farm

Colombia Santuario Farm



Notes of Blood Orange, Lime and Lavender

Colombia Santuario was established in 2000 when farmer Camilo Merizalde had the initiative to create a coffee farm with unique processes, capable of producing the best specialty coffees in Colombia. During its first decade, Colombia Santuario produced amazing coffees and became internationally renowned under the Santuario Project, including farms in Costa Rica, Brazil and Mexico. For the black lime honey process, coffee cherries are harvested when the sugar concentration is above 24 Brix’s to enhance sweetness, then soaked in water for 6 hours. The cherries are placed in Anaerobic Fermentation Tanks for 96 hours with filtered Mossto (a natural liquid produced through fermentation). The cherries undergo a second anaerobic fermentation for 72 hours then sundried on raised African beds for 19 days. The commitment to quality and detail is impressive, which is why this coffee is packed with juicy flavour!

  • Cauca Region
  • Yellow Bourbon Variety 
  • Black Lime Honey Process
  • 1850-2050m Elevation


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