Brazil Serra das Tres Barras

Brazil Serra das Tres Barras



Notes of Orange Peel, Pear and Caramel

Fazenda Serra das Três Barras is a true family farm. It has now passed through eight generations and is currently owned by José Wagner Ribeiro Junqueira. Alongside his wife Margarida and three sons, Kleber, Ralph and Herbert they produce some of the finest coffee in Brazil. They have won a significant amount of industry awards, including 10 Cup of Excellence honours. The family has cultivated 160 hectares for coffee farming with several varieties spread over six properties with Fazenda Serra das Três Barras as its headquarters. The family are committed to sustainable farming and goes to great lengths to preserve the wild forest and natural springs on the farm.

  • Directly sourced Farm to Cup by White Horse Coffee
  • Carmo De Minas Region
  • Yellow Bourbon Variety
  • Pulped Natural Process
  • 1250m Elevation

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