Bolivia Las Alastitas Geisha

Bolivia Las Alastitas Geisha



Notes of Strawberry, Kiwi and Honeysuckle

This 100% Geisha micro-lot comes from Las Alasitas, a small farm owned by Pedro Rodríguez. The farm is located in Bolinda, a lush mountain valley 10 kms from Caranavi. Las Alasitas sits at 1,642 metres with incredible views over the Los Rodríguez farms and local mountains. The views are so special that the family built a house at the top of the farm to welcome friends and guests, who visit to enjoy the picturesque sunsets while drinking amazing coffee. The high elevation helps the cherry to mature slowly, which concentrates the natural sugars for a distinctly sweet, aromatic coffee. The Natural Lactic process is influenced by the wine industry where the cherry is picked, washed, then placed whole with its husk, or ‘cascara’ intact. It is fermented under controlled temperatures and pH conditions for 10 hours. This encourages the development of lactic acid for a silky mouthfeel and creamy character.

  • Caranavi Region
  • Geisha Varietal
  • Natural Lactic Process
  • 1600-1650m Elevation

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