Outdoor Coffee Time

Coffee is our rock. It’s our vice. But also our friend. A loving companion for life. Coffee is always there. It brightens our day and makes for memorable experiences. We take coffee with us wherever we go and most importantly on outdoor adventures. (You can watch the video of me brewing it below.)

Brewing outdoors

Grab some delicious coffee and head outdoors. Brew over a fire. Brew on a stove. Bring a thermos of water. A plunger. An AeroPress. However you like it, coffee and brewing it outdoors is the best! We hope this little series inspires you to get into it too. We can’t wait to see your brews.

An Ethiopian in Yena

In today’s episode we head to Yena air in Kamay Botany Bay National Park and go back to one of the first brewers ever invented – the Cezve. The Turkish pot. The ibrik. Whatever the culture or your take on the classic pot, I know one thing – the Cezve makes a great coffee! It’s uncomplicated and deep in traditional flavour and nuances. Wow!

We have chosen to brew Ethiopian coffee in the Turkish pot as it is the birthplace of coffee and this pot style is probably one of the first brewing styles that caught fame and attention for many many nations. The beautiful Yena air has made this Ethiopia Kochere shine.

The recipe

We are using a 10g coffee to 100g water ratio. It’s tried, tested and tastes amazing.

  • 25g Ethiopia Kochere Tsegaye Tekebo
  • 250g water
  • Heat to boil, rest, pour.

Sit back & enjoy!

Show us yours and win

This is ours, we’d love you to show us your outdoor brewing adventures! Tag @whitehorsecoffee on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube and you’ll be in the draw for one of our outdoor coffee adventure prizes!

Watch me brew it

Thanks for reading and watching. Keep brewin!



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