Brew coffee at home with an AeroPress

Just when the world of coffee brewing looked set in stone, along come the AeroPress! Since it’s launch, this brewing wonder has seen a volcanic rise in popularity and praise.

Here’s why.

It brews the right amount of coffee, combines immersion brewing – french press style, with a paper filter – v60 drip style, and a pressure piston – similar to espresso! I still don’t know how the dude invented this thing, but it sure does make a fast, strong, sweet and delicious brew.

Here is how we do it

  • Grind 14g of your favourite coffee. Use a fine setting for best results
  • Pour water to about setting four on the side of the brewer, or 230g if you have a scale.
  • Stir vigorously for ten seconds
  • Wait 1 minute then press

Watch the video

Get the gear


    1. Hey there Chris.
      Yes we absolutely used a paper filter, the aero comes standard with about 300, if you don’t use a filter you will get grinds in the cup, and if brewing upright there will be no resistance either.
      We do sell replacement aeropress paper filters if you need them. They are super value at around $6 per packet from memory.
      Another option is the coava metal filter, i got one from coava in the states.

  1. Hey there! I’ve been a barista for 6 year and I’ve been looking at buying a coffee machine but what I want and what I can afford do not align (sadly I don’t have a stupid amount of money to buy a la marzocco linea) but I love my black coffee so would you recommend the Aeropress? And would a metal filter work as well as the paper counterpart? Thanks!

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