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Matt & Dom at White Horse in Sutherland
Founders Matt & Dom at White Horse Cafe in Sutherland


Coffee brings people together and makes them happy. Since 2008 we’ve been serving the best coffee we can get our hands on, and we’re humbled to have been voted among Sydney’s Best Specialty Coffee by Broadsheet Sydney, and The Urban List.

We’ve also won numerous awards for our roasted coffee through Golden Bean and the Australian International Coffee Awards.

If you’re in Sydney we’d love you to pop into one of our cafes and experience our coffee first hand. If you live further away, you can get our fresh roasted coffee delivered to your door through our coffee subscriptions or online store.


the roastery

We roast on a rare German 1957 Probat UG22. The metals in these antique roasters conduct heat better than new roasters which results in a superior, full flavoured roast. We’ve also added a few state of the art mods to make sure our coffee is the best it can be. This includes cropster roast analysis software, environment temp and bean temp probes, along with a few tricks we’ve learned from some of the best coffee roasters in the world.

Every White Horse roast is analyzed for quality using an agtron spectrometer to ensure consistency in every batch. If you want to get your hands on some of our our fresh roasted coffee see our coffee subscriptions or our wholesale page.

Coffee Home Subscription


Join our community of Home Baristas and get helpful info on how to make great coffee at home.